General strike threat on April 15 by candidates


IMPHAL, April 6: The DPC faced Candidate`™s Association for Primary, Hindi Primary and Hindi Graduate Teachers 2006 has threatened to impose a 24 hour general strike if the Chief Minister fails to declare the result of the DPC before April 14.

A statement released by an apex body of teachers in this regards stated that the Chief Minister has repeatedly assured the public and the state assembly to declare a genuine merit result of the candidates who faced the said DPC in 2006 after acquiring the secretary reports.

But the government has failed to do so despite reports being submitted by the inquiry committee, it maintained.
It assumed that the reason behind the non declaration of the result by the government could have been due to distribution of quota among them.

It maintained that the reason behind the downfall of all government school was due to selfish governance of MLAs and ministers.

The fate of all the candidates are hanging uncertain due to failure of declaration of results. The candidates have crossed the limits of tolerance and are prepared to launch intense form of agitation, it said.

It asserted that the candidates will impose a 24 hour general strike on April 15 if the Chief Minister fail to declare the result based on the genuine merit list reports submitted by the committee by April 14.

The entire unwanted incident arising out of the agitation should be the responsibility of the government and further warned that the candidates will file a PIL if positive response is not yield due to the agitation.


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