Good Friday observed


    IMPHAL, April 22: Christian community in Manipur widely observed the Goodfriday, the day which marked the crucifixtion of Jesus Christ, by conducting church services, fasting and prayers.
    The day is also called as “grace” as the christian communties beleives that Jesus Christ sacrifice himself to wash the sins of mankind.
    Observing the day a mamoth gathering was witnessed today at the MBC centre Church, one of the largest centre Church in Manipur.
    Different communities including 34 cadets of NCC led by its teacher one PD. James joint the observation.
    The Church service begins from 6:30 am in the morning and laster till 9 am and followed by a fasting till 12 noon.
    Stage play depicting the crucifixtion of Jesus Christ, performance of Gospels songs and music marked the observation.
    Rev. L. Simon Raomei, pastor MBC was the speaker of the observation.


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