Governor appeals youths to reject violence and work towards development


IMPHAL, April 23: Governor Gurbachan Jagat has appealled to all youths of the state to reject violence and come forward to join the mainstream and work for the development and progress of the nation.
The Governor made the appeal while deliberating his speech during the observation of Khongjom Day at Khongjom Day Memorial Complex this morning.
The Governor disclosed that Manipur has been passing through a series  of disruption and destruction, such as insurgency movement, killing of innocent people, violence, extortion, kidnapping, looting, etc. in the name of revolution or freedom.
These activities have delayed significantly the pace of development in all social and economic spheres of the state, he added.
He also mentioned that, Khongjom Day is the day to remember Manipuri heroes, it is a day to pay homage and tributes to those patriots who laid down their lives for the sake of their motherland, fighting against the British in the year 1891. In the Khongjom Battle, Manipuris showed to the world their indomitable courage and spirit of patriotism, the Governor added.
While celebrating the day, we need to remember that foreign powers tend to intervene in the sovereignty of a country, whenever its people are disunited and disorganized, he said.
 The same circumstances prevailed in our country during the British conquest of India.
Recalling how the British came to India and conquered the country, Gurbachan Jagat said the British came to India as trader with the establishment of the East India Company. India, then was divided into a number of small territories. The kings and princes of those entities fought against each other for establishment of their respective supremacy.
Taking advantage of the mutual animosities and dissensions among them, the British started intervention in India and annexed those kingdoms and principalities, one after another. Manipur was the last kingdom to be annexed to their empire.
Unfortunately, in Manipur too, by that time there were disunity and enmity among its princes competing for the throne, thereby resulting in the establishment of the British rules in Manipur. Today, we have realized that disunity and dissesion only weakened the nation and ultimately brings the down fall of the country.
The Governor also mentioned that today we all are the citizen of Independent India. Our independence was not the gift of the Britishers, but was attained after a long struggle. This should always be kept in the mind of every citizen. After a great sacrifices made by the freedom fighters over a long period of time, India achieved its freedom and sovereignty only in 1947. Therefore, it is the responsibility of all the members of new generations to preserve and protect the freedom and sovereignty of our country and its dignity. Freedom should not be interpreted in the narrow sense of separatism and regionalism. Any threats or challenge, be it external or internal should be faced unitedly and courageously, the Governor added.
He also called upon people to homage and gratitude not only to those patriots who sacrificed their lives for the freedom of their motherland but also to those innumerable freedom fighters throughout India who made selfless sacrifices for the vast sub-continent. He also appeal people to renew pledge to preserve and protect freedom and sovereignty of our country and its dignity.


  1. Good point Khaba,Indian have never learned their miseries in the hands of “goras” but rather again shown that their complete servility they’d learned under being served and inured incorrigibly!There should not be any other words to replace hypocrisy and frauds to depict “Bharat”!

  2. This Governor doesnt even know that Manipur was different from Hindustan. India became existent only in 1947 and Manipur a part of the Republic in 1949. Regionalism is best practised by the racist people of Mainland India and when the Union of India was itself founded on lies and coercion restoration of Sovereignty is ineviatable..


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