Guardian`s association warns filing PIL to private schools


IMPHAL, April 3: The All Manipur Students’ Guardian Association (AMESGO) warned to file a PIL against private schools if they fail to implement the Right to Education in Manipur.
A press conference regarding the implementation of Right to education in Manipur was held at the premises of organization’s office, palace Ground today.
Speaking to media persons, N. Tomba advisor of the association said the right to education says 1 to 14 years old children should get free education. In private school 25 percent of the student should get free education and in government school 100 percent of the student should get free education. In the state of Manipur the act is known as the right of children to free and compulsory education rule, which was passed on April 2010.
The officials of the association have gone for a drive to certain private schools including Nirmalabas, St. Joseph, Little flower and catholic. N. Tomba said the above mentioned schools have denied accepting the open letter which consists of right to education. He further mentioned that the right of education has violated in two factors, first is in the name of minority they formed their own system not following the state’s rule. These mention schools have taken entrance test for the admission which is against the rule. The second factor is after completion of whole academic year any student should not be considered as fail but in these schools minimum 10 students fail in exam.
Further N. Tomba revealed about the open letter which they are going to submit to the authorities of the schools demanding that all the teachers including Headmasters and Headmistress should show their portfolio to people of Manipur. There is a strong believe that the kind of questions that they have prepared for the entrance exam is not based on the Manipur board’s syllabus and the truth also should open to the public.
Taking entrance test on 6 to 7 years old children is not acceptable by the whole world not only in Manipur.
If the school does not implement demands mentioned in the open letter, then the association will file PIL to the high court, said Tomba.
He further mentioned about how boldly Little flower school did not accept the letter and how boldly this school has told that verbally they have started talking about keeping Bengali script as a optional subject instead of Meetei Mayek from 7 to 10 standard students.
The Board of secretary has given assurance that the books will be available from second week of April.
On 10 of April those students who are failed in class 8 exam, their parents can take part in the public meeting which is going to be held at Palace Ground.
On a similar note, the AISF ,Manipur president Inaobi in a press conference held at Irawat Bhavan Complex also pointed out the flaws in implementation of the RTE Act in the state. He stated that the government schools and the private schools are ignoring the rules and further the text books,uniforms and school bags which should be given free of cost are not yet provided by the education department. Private schools are ignoring the 25 % discount which should be made available to the undeprivleged students. Fees are collected at the government schools and entrance test are held also, he alleged.Such circumstances clearly indicate that the RTE act is grossly ignored by the government, AISF demands the Act be implemented in totality for the future of the students.


  1. Ekaibadi khara khara khangnaba phei. Tolop chaona piriba Govt. ki ojasingna thabakti suningdana tolop lou leiraga, wana hotnajariba private school singbu chingthuraga makhoiga chap mannana thi teiminnasi hairibasi – eikhoina yapham thokte. RTE was enacted for better education to all kids regardless of IQ/Power/Money. Yes chummi. Adubu Manipur dadi chanaba watli. Huranba, thabak suningdaba singduga chap mannana waminnasi haibasi yamna lalli. Marin leiba, aphaba chaokhatpa pamba mee oirabadi, let them work hard and bring the innocent kids at par with private school students. Suningdaba, mina pharaga kallakpa!!! Louthokkho, performance leitaba schoolgi ojasing loina dismissed toukho. Oja chammadang dismissed touraga yengu. Khoiren masha pairaklani. amuksu chamma amaga dismiss tou. gyan taraklani. hotti hotnaningdey aduga, mina pharaga kallaktana!!! huranba ngaktane huranba. Eikhoisu icha isu makhoigi Govt. ki school da thaningdey, ojadagi jwar, ludo sannba tamlaga lakkani. Lairikna zero. Noi napagi RTE ro Manipur dabo?


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