KCP appeal


    IMPHAL, April 27: The proscribe KCP (Maoist), in a statement, has appeal to the people to discuss on the modalities to resolve conflict situation in Manipur.
    A KCP (Maoist) statement issued by Nonglen Meitei, assistant secretary Publicity and Propaganda, said once a way and means to resolve conflict situation in Manipur is found, the true nature of India would be revealed automatically as also why the people choose to took to arm revolution than to the non-violent movement.
    The outfit is against the call for peaceful transition, and would  never criss cross voices calling for peaceful resolution as it gives immense impact to  the society for discussion, the KCP(Maoist) said in the statement adding the current movement in Manipur needs to be thoroughly discussed and its impact on the society.
    The statement further said that colonial system can never remain static but its dynamism gives life to colonial control thereby giving immense impact to socio-economics of the  colonised people.
     In order to fight changing nature of the colonial dynamism, revolutionary movements need to strategised with new theory and creativity.
    Regarding the public meet being held with regard to resolving conflict in Manipur, the KCP(Maoist) termed it a right step but maintained that such discussions must not be treated as revolutionary tactics.
    Such public meet would energise the people and generate people to have counciousness about revolutionary movement, the KCP (Maoist) maintained.


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