Killing Spree In Manipur


B.A. Sharma
The former Prime Minister Shri Rajeey Gandhi the young political child used to address the public in his maximum deliveries as HAM DEKHENGE, DEKHRAHE HAIN and DEKHUNGA (we are looking, being turn to look the matter and I will see) But, he could not do but seeing the scenarios.

That too I remember the promises of the leaders and follow – on actions of the promises. When the time rolled – on the people become easy and normalized the cities of the seriousnesses for example.

1. The shoot upon the Advocate General Shri Koteswar Singh, the recent past incident, is now relaxed. And thus how many cases have been curtained out the senses of the people, would be in innumerable.

But, the 20th March shoot out from the gun of the immature son of the Minister of the State of Manipur has claimed the degree of homicidal character. It was day brought light incident, with intention to kill a person in conscious state with a licensed gun; which held cold blood murder.
But the question is the license issued to whom and how a license of a gun was used by a young boy since the boy who used the gun could not hold license of a revolver pistol, because, to issue a revolver under Arms/Ammunitions Act would not cover the criteria to issue a license for a gun, to purchase a revolver according to the capacity of the person whosoever the young boy used a gun.
Probable questions arising in the circumstances that; perhaps the license could be issued to a matured person whose capacity of service to the society is accountable to issue a gun, indeed his own safeguard is necessary indeed to issue a license to hold a short barrel gun would not cover the required conditions to the son of Shri Biren Singh the Honourable Minister.

That, to kill a person with enmity also does not cover the conditions to issue a license to hold a short barrel gun, does not interpret a license to kill. This is the society where we are suffering or will be suffering due to unexplained prologue of the text of the apostle of legal construe is always governed by the unlearned guardians.

Therefore, if comes to the conclusion that :
1. Killing does not licensed but licensed does issued to hold a gun
2. The killing of 20-03-2011 was purely cold blood murder. It was not a defensive.
3. The Killer has the strength of five whereas, the killed was not found holding any lethal weapon and the killer has the gun, in his name. If the legality is exist in the state the boy should not have the license, but the license and gun might belong to a responsible person. Even the utmost necessity of the gun might consider with the responsibility of the person to whom a license being issued.
4. That, even been issued the license of a gun to an immature, irresponsible person what course of action been taken up by the existing Govt.

Because, the killer is the son of an honourable Minister whose responsibility is clearly visible to be fit to come down from the chair of the responsible post on moral ground. Hence the Honourable Chief Minister might have asked the Honourable Miniter for resignation on moral ground if the Honourable Chief Minister was sitting on the opposition bench. BuJ: today he is trying to subdue the circumstances by imposing 144 CRPC in the Imphal East Dist. Because he does not want to bring the situation exposed to turmoil.

Thus, Rajeev`s epistle is imitating by the word DEKHRAHA HUNG but DHEKNA HAIN has two senses of SEEING OR LOOKING, though we found looking more than seeing the matter for action in the circumstances. Of such enormity and torturous blows to the innocent people of Manipur the existing Govt. is showing more dictatorship instead of showing sorryness and effort to solve the problems.

Manipur is the smallest states of the country though highest rate of killing spree in the name of the armed revolutions. Many are killing and innumerable have been killed and in turn the state forces are hunting and killing as licensed to kill. There is no human right in the state; there is no power to consider about right and wrong. I shall beat you, I shall kill you is the language of the youths of the state. Quarreling spirit is exist in the society not only in ignorant the same fighting spree is adorned in the police force also. The meaning of police is now invisible in Manipur. The duty of a police is to pacify the situation of a particular location, police should not create another problem in the society.

And above all the democrats are more unconscious, rather selfish and irresponsible. As and when the state is in trouble the democrats in the state kept silent of the same opposition leaders shouted in the public. The ruling leaders are on waiting of the opinion of the Chief Minister. Thus ethics of the democrats so called leaders of the state and of the nation are found to be down graded and pulling down.

Therefore, the duties and responsibilities of a leader is the carrier of the personality. Ethics is real appearance of the leader to the public. Therefore, this time in Manipur the people demands morality of the leaders, ethics of the leadership and presentation of leaders since the state is in trouble due to inhuman hunting of the young boy Mr. Rozer.


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