Man arrested for allegedly dumping wife in Bangalore


IMPHAL, April 8: A woman has today alleged that her husband had intentionally left her at Bangalore on her own and disappeared leaving her alone with her small child at a three star hotel.

Her husband was also arrested by a team of Singjamei police from the Imphal Airport this evening on his arrival from Bangalore based on an official complaint made by the woman`™s family.

The woman who identified herself as one Takhelchangbam ongbi Kanchan alias Achang of Singjamei Wangma Kshetri Thiyam Leirak conveyed a press conference at her residence this evening on the issue.

During the conference she alleged that she married her husband T Happy Sharma s/o Maglem of the same locality some years back.

The woman who also has a five year son from the marriage further alleged that there was an instance when her husband had eloped with another woman after their marriage. However after paying some monetary compensation to the woman and negotiations, family of her husband had sent him to Bangalore for his education.

Briefing media persons during the conference, she maintained that after the elopement with the girl by her husband, she started staying at her maternal home.

She further added that her estranged husband had come to her maternal house recently in April asking her to come back. She further alleged that her husband had asserted that he is working at a call centre in Bangalore and as such he can now support his wife and son.

Believing her husband, she agreed to go to Bangalore and start it anew with him. They reached Bangalore on April 3, she added.

On reaching Bangalore, her husband booked a room in a 3-star hotel (she was unable to remember the hotel`™s name) for them to stay, however in the evening he left her alone with their son saying that he has some work to complete after which he failed to turn up even after three days.
Afraid and alone in an unknown city, she said she somehow managed to survive for the three days after which she met a Manipuri girl working at the hotel.

She further added that with the help of the girl, she was able to contact her family back home on April 5. The next day her family and the parents of T Happy landed at Bangalore.

P Khogen, a relative of Kanchan who accompanied Kanchan`™s family to Bangalore said that on reaching Bangalore they met her in a heart wrenching state. They had to take her to a hospital for medication he further briefed the conference.

They landed at the Imphal Airport this evening along with the husband, from where he was arrested by the Singjamei police, Khogen added.



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