MPP replies to CM`s corruption statement


IMPHAL, April 22: In a direct attacked at the Chief Minister, who reportedly made an announcement recently stating that he will not tolerate any kind of irregularities in his government and if required he will step down himself; former MPP MLA L Jatra stated that he is likely to submit a report full of irregularities committed by the Chief Minister within a month and that he is looking forward to the outcome.
The former MLA made the statement during the closing function of a three day discussion on the topic “The role of youth in Governance”, held today at the MPP conference hall, organised by the youth front of the party.
Amidst the prevailing hardship in the state the Chief Minister instead of addressing the grievances of the people is busy extracting his percentage charge, L. Jatra said.
He further held that irregularities have been detected in distribution of old age pension in Thoubal district wherein a 35 year old married woman is being provided with the pension.
Corruption cannot be uprooted by the common people but it can be done only by the higher authorities. He claimed that the flagship programme is nothing but a campaign instrument for the congress party to set up its base in areas where the party is weak.
The former MLA held that development means creating job opportunities, providing essential needs to the farmers and availing essential commodities at subsidise rate to the public. But the flagship programme is functioning on the contrary of its aims and objectives.
He further expressed his apprehension that Manipur is likely to come into extinction due to the corrupt practices of the present government.
The Manipur Peoples’ Party (MPP) also alleged that the SPF ministry has been running a network of contracts within the Education department and it is one of the main reasons which killed former board chairman Kunjabihari Singh, who was shot inside his office chamber during working hour.
The allegation was made by the general secretary of the MPP, Robin Bicky, during the closing function. The general secretary while reacting to the recently inaugurated and ongoing training programme on flagship schemes of the SPF and central government stated that all the promise made and assurances of the present SPF government are stage plays. He pointed out that all the welfare schemes and programme like the SSA, Mid Day Meal etc. is a total a disaster as most of the beneficiaries liable for the welfare schemes hardly received their shares.
Y. Mangi, youth president Maniton Mangang, general secretary MPP, Y. Iboyaima, Youth members and other executive members of the MPP attended during the function. 


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