National Seminar on Women in Science & Social Science in North East India


IMPHAL, April 11: A two National Seminar on Women in Science & Social Science in North East India (WSNEI) was held today at Imphal College, Sponsored by University Grants Commission Directorate of Higher Education & Technical, Government of Manipur and jointly organized by Department of Economics, Chemistry and Zoology, Imphal College in collaboration with G.P. Women’s College, Imphal.
The seminar was attended by A.K. Mirabhai, chairperson Manipur Women Development Council, as chief guest, R.C. Haomom, principal Imphal College, as functional president and Dr. M. Nara, former minister, Kalpana Duorah, prof. Department of Physics, Guwahat University and Dr. Meinam Binota, Co-ordinator Department of Economics, Imphal College were the guest of honour of today seminar.
While briefing to a media person Meinam Binota revealed that there is growing realization that by not allowing the creative talent of women from being expressed through their involvement in research and development society is missing out and something needs to be done to make scientific research more gender friendly.
Further she mention that due to biological role and responsibilities of women as mothers and traditional social system which visualized women as being child bearer, home makers, man as bread winners, women has become invisible in economic and political arena of the society.
She maintain that it is well known fact that women contribute significantly to the society at large, and yet women are uncredited and under rewarded officially, she add. It is reflected in National GDP and workforce date of country. Among the various professional spheres, a woman seems to miss out more in science & technology and higher education patiently physical science (Physics, Maths, Engineer etc.), those who do study science often ended up in teaching profession in the state of Manipur.
She said that the major objective of the present National Seminar is to investigate the issue of science, so science career for North East women and suggested measures to increase women’s participation in study and practices of sciences & social sciences.
Prof. Kalpana Duorah, department of Physics, Gauhati University, while addressing in her key note said knowledge, technology and innovation are the most important resources and driving forces for sustainable development of economy and society. Now humankind, more than any other time in human history badly needs science and technology for progress. Women of the north east India have always played a major role in bringing peace and reform to the region. Concept of solidarity amongst the women is very strong, smart, active and hard working but they are always kept themselves in isolation. But the time is ripe to open up and take up science and technology for progress and development.


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