New Managing Trustee of JPF elected


IMPHAL, April 23: The Managing trustee of Just Peace Foundation (JPF) has been replaced by Khangembam Anandi informed a release of the foundation.
It said the outgoing Managing Trustee Irom Singhjit took the charge since January 2008 and dedicated for the foundation for three years.
Irom Shinghjit oversaw all aspects of JPF operations, including its enforcement of campaigns in local, national and international level. The ability of the JPF to enforce wider campaign for Irom Sharmila and Struggle for justice to protect human values in Manipur and else where derives from the dedicated efforts of people like Irom Shingjit, it said.
The JPF further disclosed that the outgoing Managing Trustee has made a significant contribution to the work of the foundation during his tenure as the Managing Trustee and has played a critical role in the success of JPF since becoming the head of foundation. Under his leadership and guidance, JPF has initiated a number of campaigns that brings numerous international support including Korea, Europe, US and Several other South East Asian countries.
It said Shinghjit will continue to be a trustee of the foundation and render his services to the society for justice and peace.
The Trustee of JPF unanimously elected Khangembam Anandi, who is a senoir women’s rights activist and social worker.


  1. And he has also issued death threats against his sister and sent her a vile letter will this be published or does Babloo control the on-line media too. I repeat my demands that Babloo rescind the death threats made against Sharmila, that he cease describing her as property that he stop blocking our meetings. I do not believe reports that Sharmila is refusing to take sustenance for the purpose of meeting with the CM that slimy gangster. Why would she care. If Babloo has her murdered I swear that justice will visit him. I am not afraid of that slimy gangster. I am not as spiritual as Sharmila for both our sakes I cannot stress how important it is for that slimy two faced gangster to allow Sharmila to live. She is the only hope for peace in manipur. I know he is the King of Imphal he can have respect but if he kills her I know that he is responsible. You all you Manipuri cowards and hypocrites who claim to love and support Sharmila, while this scumbag abuses and threatens her what do you do. How long will you stand back while these pigs feed by the pig trough of your land. Stand up to the coward. I will bring justice. It would better for us all that Sharmila is allowed to live and another way shown. Take her from me and I have nothing except a lot of money and the desire for revenge. How stupid is that Manipuri gangster


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