Newly floated political party warns state government


IMPHAL, April 25: Newly formed regional political party of the state, Social Democratic Party of India (SDPI) Manipur State, has threatened to take up stern agitations against the state government if the state government fail to take up necessary steps for the maintenance of the various deteriorated roads running along the Imphal river banks, Liong river banks and the bridges on the two rivers by May 5.
According to a release of the regional party, it is mentioned that, even though the existing congress led SPF government despite of running the state administration for consecutive terms could not maintain quality in developing road and bridges as well as timely completions of different construction works in the state till today.
There are many projects which are left incomplete for more than a decade, above this many portions of roads which were recently constructed are found withered every where even in the heart of Imphal City as the public of the state can witness in the existing road conditions of Paona Bazar, Governor road, Waheng Leikai road, Sagolband road.
The release also categorically expressed concerned on the failure of the state government inspite of repeated appraisals from the common public for the completion of road constructions from Lilong Turel Ahanbi to Leishangkhong road, Lilong Haoreibi – Turel Ahanbi and the deteriorating condition of Lilong Arapti Thong.
It further maintained that the road conditions of Kshetrigao, Santhel and Mayang Imphal Bengul are also in pathetic conditions at present and urged the state government for taking up necessary steps for constructions of this road before the arrival of monsoon season.
On the other hand, a joint meeting street corner was convened this morning at 7 am at Lilong Haoreibi Mayai Leikai which was attended by both the public and members of the party wherein it was unanimously decided to pressurize the state government for the early completion of the repairing of the road under PMGSY at Ngangou Loukol and it surrounding areas, adequate provision of safe drinking water supply to the areas of Lilong Bazar, Lilong Turel Ahanbi and other parts of the state, repairing of leakage of water caused by the broken of Imphal Barrage in the nearest future.
According to the release it was further decided during the meeting to stage agitations against the state government if the above demands are not fulfill by the government in the nearest future.
The similar street corner meeting of the SDPI will be again held on May 6 at Sangai Yumpham Cherapur, Snagi Ympham Nungphou Bazar and Sora bazaar and on May 7 the same meeting will be held at Thoubal Mina Bazar and Irong Ichil, the release added.


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