No additional liability by depts : CS


IMPHAL, April 5: With an objective to streamline the utilization of the plan fund allocated to various departments after completion of sectoral/sub-sectoral allocations for various departments for the current financial year, of the State government has adopted certain conditions and strictures and utilization of the plan money by the departments.
In this regard Chief Secretary, Government of Manipur, DS Poonia has issued an official order recently and directed that, no additional liability by way of taking over new institutions, offices, etc. shall be created, department should ensure collection of all the revenue targets fixed for the financial year 2011-12, departments having loan components shall take necessary steps in time for obtaining the loans. Problems, if any shall be sorted out in consultation with the finance Department.
The official order also further directed that, Finance Department shall ensure that steps are taken to obtain 10% loan requirement for all plan schemes wherever it is necessary, all departments are required to provide funds in proportion to the population of STs and SCs in the state. While preparing Budget Estimates for 2011-12 adequate provision shall be  ensure for salaries for Work Charge/ Mater Roll/Contract etc, state component for EAPs, backlog state matching share towards CSS and current state matching share, clearance of Committed liabilities on schemes/projects and 10% loan components for NEC and NLCPR funded project etc.
It is also further mentioned that based on the sectoral allocation, all departments should prepare their Recast Plan for Annual Plan 2011-12 delineating scheme-wise flow of fund to TSP and SCSP and submit them to the Planning Department within April 15 this month, earmarked funds for any specific scheme/propose are not allowed to be diverted to any other purpose without the specific approval of Planning Department. Plan funds should be utilized only for the scheme/item for which funds are earmarked and no earmarked fund shall be released to the implementing departments until funds are actually released by the Government of India.
The official order of the state chief secretary has also further instructed that the allocation of Rs.800 crores under SPA/SCA for Annual Plan, 2011-12 for both ongoing and new important projects in the state have also been made along with the finalization of the sectoral and sub-sectoral allocation and the department for which SPA/SCA funds provided for the  specific projects are required to prepare DPR along with project profile and submit to the Planning Department latest by April 31 this month for onward submission to Planning Commission for their approval and it is also advised all the heads of departments to prepare Budget Estimates for 2011-12 in respects of their departments and submit to the state Finance department as soon as possible with a copy to state Planning Department the order added.
It may be mentioned that, with the finalization of Annual Plan 2011-12 for the state of Manipur at Rs.3210 crores in the meeting held between the Deputy Chairman, Planning Commission of India and Chief Minister O Ibobi Singh on February 21 in Planning Commission, New Delhi. Consequently, the sectoral/sub-sectoral allocation for Annual Plan 2011-12 have been approved by the state cabinet meeting held on March 1 last month, and above mentioned conditions were made as per the policies of the state government to streamline the utilization of the plan funds in the state by various departments.


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