NPO condemns census report


IMPHAL April 1: The NPO’s Committee on Census 2011 expressed strong resentment over alleged intentional manipulative errors committed by the Senapati District Administration in the on-going Bio-metrics process. A press release by ML Markson, chairman of 2011 census of Senapati district states.
The release further states that the  incident has come to light, based on the final print of facts and copies of the ‘Acknowledgment Receipt’ of the bio-metrics issued by the officials in respect of Makhrelui Village. Questioning the hidden designs and motives behind such action, the committee has submitted a complaint letter to the Deputy Commissioner who is also the District Principal Operation Census. The committee also demanded  immediate cancellation of the on-going process and to restart again. It also demanded  the DC to book the culprit at the earliest.
The committee states that it is unfortunate, that a District Administration under the present DC in collaboration with some anti-people element tried to divert a Naga village to some village names like Makhrelui bollen Kuki, Viewland Bollen Kuki etc.  Further stating that the general public has been actively co-operating with the process till date, and that such incident has jeopardized the whole exercise and demanded that such hidden agenda of instigating  tension in the district is highly uncalled for in order to maintain a peaceful atmosphere among the different communities.
The committee condemned the attitude of the DC who has failed to submitthe 2nd Phase Census documents to the concerned authorities. 
The committee representing the voice of the general public, demanded the Deputy Commissioner to intervene into the bio-metrics issue at the earliest and initiate fresh exercise and demands the 2nd Phase Census report in respect of Senapati district be submitted at the earliest.


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