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NSCN-K expels erring cadre

IMPHAL, April 24: The GPRN/NSCN-K Zeliangrong region expelled one of its cadres for misconduct and bypassing order, and warned to give befitting punishment.
A statement issued by Retd. Capt. R. Adon, said that R.C.M. Tabipou Neumai alias T. Neumai S/o. Hukhambou of Renglong of Tamenglong District, has been expell/Terminated from the GPRN/NSCN-K Zeliangrong Region with immediate effect from April 23, 2011.
It said that the individual have collected Lakhs of rupees and even take over many work order of BRGF from Tamenglong and Tamei sub-Div., without the consent and knowledge of the Region Authorities.
The individual have been summoned at the region Head Quarter more than five times but pay no heed instead bypass and challenge the government. He has been tagged as wanted person by the outfit and would pay heavy price for his misconduct and misdeed according to the Azha of the govt. GPRN/NSCN-K.
Further it also informed the general public breach any relation or transaction. And those found giving him shelter will also face the same consequences, he is to face. Any finance mater will be dealt by the Region Finance Incharge and with the proper region Reciept only, it said.



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