Pandey cautious with words on Center-IM peace process


Photo Cap: RS Pandey, Center’s Interlocutor for Talks. Picture by Oken Jeet Sandham
Photo Cap: RS Pandey, Center’s Interlocutor for Talks. Picture by Oken Jeet Sandham
DELHI, Apr 17 (NEPS): The Center’s interlocutor to political talks with the NSCN (IM) RS Pandey, IAS, was happy with the progress of the talks and with the sincerity from both sides. He, however, refused to say any time frame for the final solution to the protracted Naga political issue, but expressed hope that solution would be sooner than later.

In an exclusive interview with Oken Jeet Sandham, Editor of NEPS, here at his Delhi residence today, the Center’s Interlocutor made a very cautious response when asked about any time frame on the issue. He said, “Time will come when I will talk (about time bound).” “Let us do the work first.”

When he was asked about the statements issued from both sides (Government of India and the NSCN-IM) that talks were progressing and were positive and both sides were sincere and as such why was it that he was not saying anything concrete on the issue, Pandey said, “Look, it is true that both sides are sincere. We want solution and we have made progress but nothing is final till everything is final.”

“Let us hope for the best,” he stated.

Pressed further to elaborate, the former Nagaland Chief Secretary of 1972 IAS Batch of Nagaland Cadre, cited an example in Nagamese in a logical manner, “Moikhan kinika peace process te jai ase, moi laga opinion kobo. Itu Dimapur para Kohima jabole aha nisina ase. Moikhan sub gari loikene, bhat khai kene Kohima jabole ready hoise. Kintu rasta te ki hobo na jane, kile mane monsoon season bhi ase. Landslide kono ba kono ba jagah te thaki bo pare. Hoilebi, chhoto moto landslip to safa korikene jai jabo kintu Kaunba dangor landslide para roadblock hoile, bypass banai kene Kohima punchibole try koribo. Kintu kitiya Kohima Punchibo Kobole tan ase to.” (I shall share my opinion with you as to what is the position of the progress in this regard. It is like a journey from Dimapur to Kohima. We all are ready to leave from Dimapur. We however do not know what would happen on the way to Kohima because it is monsoon season. There may be landslides. But we shall try to reach Kohima by clearing those small roadblocks. If we can’t due to heavy roadblocks, we shall try to make bypasses to reach Kohima. Yet it is difficult to say precisely when we shall reach Kohima.” )

Pandey however said, “All concerned should hope and pray that we reach a settlement sooner than later.”

It may be mentioned that the former Nagaland Chief Secretary was appointed as Center’s Interlocutor for talks with NSCN (IM). His status is that of the Cabinet Secretary to the Government of India. The Center has full confidence in him that solution to the longstanding Naga issue would be found as early as possible.


  1. Its always makes me ponder to see “big image of a mayang” in Kangleipak’s issue.I wonder Kangleipak is ruled by non other than these Indians!

    Long Live Kangleipak!


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