PHED blames electricity and leaking pipelines for water irregularity


IMPHAL April 30: The additional chief engineer of the PHE Department H Sunil in a press meet held at the Khuyathong office of the department has stated that due to electricity problem in the state, the department cannot supply the requisite amount of water to the public.

He alleged that electric powered motors used in water supply plants are ling defunct due to unsuitably low electric voltage as supplied by the electricity department and as such, people are facing the irregularities in water supply.

He said that at least 100 million litres of water is required by the consumers of Imphal area per day but the department has only been able to supply 70/80 million litres still. The amount of the transmitted water supply further incurs a loss of at least 30% due to leaks in the water pipelines, he added.

Further, he said that more than 17 water treatment plants in Imphal area are old and needs proper renovation ,the PHED has not been able to address the problem due to lack of funds for the department, he said.

The other fully functional plants also cannot pump out the adequate amount of water due to erratic voltage supply from the electricity department, regarding the matter the PHED have approached their counterparts in the power department time and again to address the issue in the interest of the public, but the matter has still fallen on deaf ears.

On a positive note, H Sunil stated that after completion of the Maphou Dam, a project to supply 40 million litres will be undertaken with funding from the Japanese government and the project has been applied for. He lamented the fact that the PHED has not been able to cater to the public drinking water supply and hardships have been endured to the handicaps of the PHE Department.


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