Puducherry chapter of the Save Loktak Lake campaign ends with signature campaign


Puducherry, April 16: The worldwide Save Loktak Lake Campaign, Puducherry chapter ended today successfully. The city chapter ended with a signature campaign at Pondicherry Rock Beach at 4.00 p.m. to 6.00 p.m. today.
According to an emailed statement of the NECEER, as a part of NECEER’s Worldwide save Loktak lake campaign, Puducherry hosted the campaign this month. Many local people, tourists from other states even from other countries took part in the signature campaign. People of all age groups participated in this campaign. Some of the foreigners were eager to know more about the lake, even enquired about the means of transport to reach there. They assured NECEER that they will soon be going to the lake and will try every possible means to save the lake, it stated.
 It furhter stated that pamphlets describing about Loktak lake, its ecological importance and the current threats to the lake were distributed. The event was carried out under the city co-ordinator Chanchan Yumnam along with 18 volunteers from different states and several supporters.
It further stated that the volunteers explained the importance of Loktak lake to the people and made them to take part in the campaign by getting their signatures and feed backs. The first phase of the Puducherry city campaign started on April 10 at Pondicherry University campus where questionnaires were provided and healthy discussions were held about the Loktak lake. A total of about 400 people participated in Puducherry campaign, it maintained.
According to the statement the campaign is an awareness programme initiated by NECEER, Imphal for the conservation of Loktak Lake. More than 600 volunteers and 32 city Coordinators are involved in organizing this campaign. The campaign is to create awareness about the conservation of Loktak Lake, the largest fresh water lake in Northeast India. The lake was recognised as Ramsar site in 1990. Keibul Lamjao, the only floating national park in the world is situated at the south west part of the lake. It is home to the endangered Manipur brow antlered deer ‘Sangai’ – Cervus eldi eldi and many endangered species. The lake is an Important Bird Area identified by BNHS, Mumbai and Birdlife International, it added.


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