RPF blames CM


    IMPHAL April 16: The statement given by the Chief Minister on April 13 at a function held at Mantripukhri IGAR(S) headquarters is unclear, states publicity secretary of RPF,T Leishemba in a press release.
    Dishonest words will not bring about a solution to the Indo Manipur political conflict, the CM needs to be honest and must analyze the political conflict so the public can accept his statements whole heartedly.
    It is a fact that the Manipuris want to be an independent nation and do not want to reel under a colonial rule and the insurgent movement is not made up by disgruntled unemployed persons.
    Britain suffered huge losses due to the aftereffects of the second World War and was helped by America to get up economically. The countries under the colonial rule of the British were finally given independence and except for India waged an armed struggle. It is a matter of deliberation that India did not get its independence due to the non violence movement initiated by Gandhi.
    The endeavor of Gandhi was respected by the British, but the non violent protest by Irom Sharmila has been ignored by and large by the Indian government, gross violation of human rights are perpetrated by the security forces in the name of counter insurgency including the north east and Kashmir, it states.
    The corrupt governance of the Ibobi government has seen ministers and officers holding high posts accumulating property from the development projects meant for the public. Also the SPF government hardly acts without provocation, the release charged.


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