Sensibilities of state artists demonstrated through visual arts in Delhi


NEW DELHI, April 16 (MIC): The Manipur State Kala Akademi headed by the Governor of Manipur provided an ideal platform in the national capital for sophisticated visual art lovers of Delhi by organizing a Group Art Exhibition from April 15 to 21 this year at Rabindra Bhavan Art Gallery of Lalit Kala Akademi, Copernicus Marg here. This was the 24th group exhibition of the Manipur State Kala Akademi.
The exhibition had a striking collection from eminent Indian as well as Manipur artists representing their perspective and sensibilities to the world.  In this mega event was showcasing 44 works of art comprising of paintings and graphics.  Out of these, 22 works were from the collection of the Manipur State Kala Akademi which were executed by the eminent Indian artists like M.K.Priyabrata Singh, K.K.Hebber, Paritosh Sen, K.G. Subramanyam, B.C.Sanyal, Jatin Das, Sunil Das, Ram Kumar, G. R. Santosh, R.S.Bisht, P.T. Reddy, Gauri Sankar, A. Ramchandran, J. Swaminathan, Yusuf, G.S. Adivrekar, Shyam Sharma, Isha Mahammad and Suhas Roy in the workshops organized by the Akademi.
Other 22 works were from the Manipur artists namely  H. Kependra Singh, Y.Gunindro singh, Ksh. Sarat Singh, L.Jiten Singh, Ch. Lalit Singh, G. Gandumpu, Y.S. Wangam Apanthoi, Ibochauba Yendremba, Debendra Thiyam, S.Bobby Singh, L.Shamu Singh, Ng. Chandrashekhar, M.Maningou Singh, Th. Tombi Singh, A. Joychandra Sharma, S Imobi Sharma, Henba Tenshuba, Ch. Premananda Roy, R.K.Budhimanta, Koolchandra M’them and A. Hemanta Singh. The media used was mostly acrylic and oil.
Eminent poet, critic, arts scholar, and curator Keshav Malik on Friday evening inaugurated the week long art exhibition by lighting the ceremonial lamp. He described the rich cultural heritage of Manipur in the field of dance, theatre and visual arts.
Dr. Thokchom Meinya, Member of Parliament in Lok Sabha who graced the inaugural function as special guest stated that the exhibition would give the best opportunity to Manipur artists for exposing their talents and creative ideas in the national capital. He expressed his hope that the time would come when an Art Gallery of Manipur be opened in the national capital for showcasing the visual works of Manipur.
Well known theatre personality Heisnam Kanhailal was among distinguished invitees attended the inaugural function.
In his welcome address, the Secretary of Manipur State Kala Akademi S. Vedeshwar Sharma stated that the Manipur State Kala Akademi had been the sole promoter of art and culture of Manipur since its inception in 1972. The Akademi had been organizing seminars, workshops, programmes of dance and music, drama and Shumang Leela (Courtyard Play) festivals, memorial lectures in different fields of art from time to time.
He further stated that the Group Art Exhibition would be the first group exhibition of the Akademi being held in New Delhi. The Akademi had special interest in promoting fine arts by way of exposing works of artists in national and international arena. It was on the records that fine arts in Manipur had shown considerable improvement during the last three and half decades. The standard of Manipur artists was not lagging behind their contemporaries across the country in terms of technique, style and concept.


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