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State observes World Health Day

IMPHAL April 7: As observed globally, the World Health Day was also observed in the state by various non government agencies.

All Manipur Students`™ Guardian Organisation (AMSGO), Kangla Acupressure Alternative Therapy and Treatment Research Centre jointly organized the observance at AMGSO palace compound office today.

The function was attended by Dr M Nara, chairman of Central Research Unit andAMSGO president Rev. Rihang Chothae as the chief guest and president respectively.

General secretary of AMSU,.Depanjit, president of MSF ,L Ibomcha and vice president of DESAM Md Islauddin were the guest of honors.

M Nara in his address stated that sanitation issues and unavailability of safe drinking water are the main problems affecting the state, state government needs to address the issues and the public must demand corrective measures.

` A litre of packaged drinking water costs more than a litre of kerosene, in the developments seen in the 21st century, Manipur state government still cannot provide safe drinking water to the public`, Nara said.

He further said that aside from physical maintenance, the mental state of a person is also essential for an overall sense of well being. The present law and order crisis in the state have severely affected the mental state of the public as law of the gun is predominant. The public suffers from psychological problems and more therapists are needed to address the issue.The government misuses the funds from the centre allocated for development works including programs for the health sector, the PHED needs to work effectively to ensure proper sanitation and hygiene,he said.

In another separate program, Vision Foundation Manipur and Nahakpam Foods and Beverages under sponsorship from National Rural Health Mission ,Manipur also observed the World Health Day at Manipur Press Club ,Majorkhul today. The function was attended by Manipur State Social Welfare Board chairperson RK Nayansana as the chief guest,A Devadutta ,associate professor of Gastrointestinal surgery RIMS and consultant urologist of Chamber Hospital Medical Care and Research Centre attended as president and guest of honor respectively.



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