State open Kho-Kho finals today


IMPHAL, April 23: BASU will clash DM Rao in the final of the 36th senior state open Kho Kho championship being held at Sekmai. In the semi final matches played today, BASU, Khangabok defeated UDC by 15-14 while DM Rao defeated RYC by 14-11 in another semi final. In the womens senior semi final, PYC beat FINE by 22-12 while WDC beat DM Rao by 18-7. PYC and WDC will clash for the title in the final. In the 25th sub-junior state open Kho-Kho championship being held at the same venue, FINE and DM Rao will clash for the title in the final as both the team defeated their rivals in the semi finals played today. In the sub-junior girls final too, FINE will clash with DM Rao. FINE defeated YOLO by 11-9 in the first semi final while DM Rao defeated BASU by 13-3 in the second semi final.


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