Strong sense of nationalism in Cuban people the key to survival of Cuba Nation


Wife of the Cuban ambassador to Indian MA Ramirez Romos being honoured with a traditional headgear while the ambassador and MLA Mangi looks on befoe the start of a Polo match at Mapal Kangjeibung.
IMPHAL, April 11: Strong sense of Nationalism in the mind of Cuban people is the key for survival of Cuban nation despite prolong economic sanction by the US, stated MA. Ramirez Romos, the Ambassador of Cuba to India.
The ambassador stated this while talking on the topic of Achievements of Cuban Revolution at the Senate Hall of Manipur University today.
The programme was organized by the dean of students’ welfare, Manipur University, Chanchipur. Th. Ratankumar Singh, the dean of students’ Welfare Manipur University presided the function. Besides that former minister Dr. M. Nara, CPI MLA, N. Mangi also attended as dignitaries.
Further speaking on the topic the ambassador recalled the grim past of Cuba. He said that due to the economic sanction of the US for 52 years 700 billion us dollar was lost. Had it not been for prolong sanctioned Cuba could have become Developed Nation, stated the ambassador.
While briefing about human rights violation the Ambassador said that when the US marine was stationed at Cuba the rate   of prostitution was very high and harassment was numerous but the Cuban revolution had brought about a tremendous change adding there are no casinos, dignity of women is restore in Havana.
About 65 percent of technical jobs are now under taken by women. There are over 30,000 doctors today and the rate of patient per capita is the lowest in the world for major treatment like cancer, heart transplant etc are done free of cost, said the ambassador.
The ambassador further maintained that Cuba also ranks number one in winning medals in international Olympic despite its low population.
“We are poor but we are proud to be a dignified nation” said the Ambassador adding it is the strong sense of Nationalism in the mind of the people that help the Cuban Nation to survive the 52 year old economic sanction. The nation wants to improve socialism not capitalism.
He stated that the people, local bodies has every right to recall the head of the country if he or she fails to produce project reports on the status of the Nation within six month period.
In the meantime, the ambassador also informed to do his best to arrange a student’s exchange programme of Havana and Manipur University in the future.
Apart from attending cultural show performed by the Manipur Thang-Ta Cultural Association the ambassador also witnessed the 21st Governors’ cup invitation polo tournament at Polo ground Imphal.


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