Sugnu village chiefs refute reports of atrocities


IMPHAL, April 9: The reports of atrocities committed by armed cadres of militant group under the SoO in some village under Sugnu area, has been refuted by some of its respective chiefs.

Hemjalun Haokip, village chiefs Y. Thingkangphai village, Jilngam Baite village chief of Khongnangpheisabi and Tongmang Haokip village chief L. Thinglhangphai maintained that the memorandum submitted by some individual to the Chief Minister complaining atrocities meted out to them is an exaggeration. In addition to that the chiefs revealed that they had no idea about the submitted memorandum.

The three chiefs gave the contradicting statement during a press meet held at Pallel today.

They demanded clarification from the individual who submitted memorandum quoting them and the motive behind doing so as it had jeopardized their images.

Further the chiefs revealed that nothing as reported taken place in their villages. `I was out of station that day but I came across the repots in local dailies, when I returned and enquired no such incident had taken place` said Hemjalun Haokip the village chief of Thingkangphai.

Jilnam Baite disclosed that the day as mentioned in the papers some of the armed militants came at their area but nothing happened and similar story is reported by Tongmang Haokip the village chief of L. Thinglhangphai.

It may be recalled some individuals submitted a memorandum to the Chief Minister of Manipur complaining that armed cadres of ULKF reportedly unleashed atrocities at five villages which included Vangkho, V. Haipijang, Y. Thingkangphai, Khongnangpheisabi and L. Thinglhangphai from April 1 to April 3. The complaint revealed that the cadres damage doors of some houses and strong intimidation was also given to them.


    • Well said.This picture will come up again in the general assembly elections next year. Rebels in the hills will dictate villagers to vote for rebel sponsored candidates.


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