Third party to monitor Govt schemes and projects in state


IMPHAL, April 11: Adoptions of 3rd Party monitoring to the various schemes and projects undertaken in the state under the Special Plan Assistance (SPA) to enhance the progress of developmental works in the state.
According to an official source, state government, with strong directives from the Centre allowed the Development Alternative (DA), New Delhi and Karunya University (KU) Coimbatore as third party to monitor to take up third party monitoring of the SPA funded Loktak Lake Conservation Project and also started monitoring implementation of SPA funded projects in the Power and PHED sectors.
The official source further mentioned that, state government has appointed six third Party Monitors from the current financial year for monitoring of BADP in three districts of Chandel, Churachandpur and Ukhrul in this case reputed NGOs with excellent performance record have been engaged, and so far 94 Works taken up in the year 2009-11 have been inspected by the Third Party Monitors and the performances reports have been submitted to the Ministry of Home Affairs, the source added.
It may be mentioned that, since the financial components under the SPA projects for the state for the current financial year is very high, the approved outlay of Rs.2600 crores for Annual Plan for the state was increased to Rs.2645.78 crores. The increase in the allocation of Rs.45.87 crores is mainly on account of enhance allocation of funds under BADP from Rs.13.36 crores to Rs.20.93 crores, control of  shifting Cultivation from Rs Rs.6 crores to Rs. 9 crores, NSAP from Rs.20.24 crores to Rs.31.11 crores, GIA under Art 275(1) from Rs.7.83 crores to Rs.8.19 crores, RKVY from Rs.20 crores to Rs.24.81 crores, TSP from Rs9.50 crores to Rs.11.87 crores and AIBP from Rs.290 crores to Rs.306.31 crores.
The official source mentioned that, the revised outlay of Rs.2645.87 crores includes Rs.660 crores for filling up important critical infrastructure gaps under Special Plan Assistance.
The source mentioned that under the  SPA, the major projects including, Road & Bridges, PAB, Health, Flood Control, School Education, Higher Education, Water Supply, Arts and Culture, Sports etc are taken up in the state.
Further the under the SPA, the ongoing projects like, construction of Mini-Secretariat Buildings in all districts, road connectivity in both valley and hill districts, Upgradation of infrastructure of JNIMS, construction of Ima Market, construction of City Convention Centre,  Construction of Shopping Centre at Thoubal,  conservation and management of Loktak lake and its associated areas, construction of police outposts/housing, construction of  Training Centre and rehabilitation centre, renovation and modernization of 132/33KV S/S at Yurembam,  constructions of Tribal market, Tribal hostels, Flood Control programme in valley districts and anti erosion scheme in hill areas, upgradation of infrastructure of schools, setting up residential schools in all the blocks of hill districts, up-gradation of infrastructure of 11 higher secondary school in hill and valley districts, construction of  sport complex at district HQs of Thoubal, Chandel, Senapatiu and Jiribam,  construction of Food Park, restoration/up-gradation of Kangla Fort,  up-gradation of IT Park at Mantripukhri,  up-gradation of Urban infrastructure in hill districts, constructions of ITI at Ukhrul and Jiribam, up-gradation of science and maths education in hill district, up-gradation of distribution network in both hill and valley, modernization and strengthening of Government Polytechnic, up-gradation of bus terminus at Jiribam.
On the other hand, selectively, the third party monitoring like selectively the Development Alternative (DA), New Delhi and Karunya University (KU) Coimbatore have taken up third party monitoring of the SPA funded Loktak Lake Conservation Project, and they presented interim reports to the project steering Committee on January 28 last year.
The official report further mentioned that, the monitoring agency have expressed satisfaction on the work done to improve the Lotak Lake. They have also appreciated the fact that meetings of the Steering Committee, Chaired by the state Chief Secretary, have been held frequently, Nodel Officers from Line Departments have become operational and the a Committee on Convergence, chaired by the Commissioner (F&E) has successfully affected convergence of schemes/funds the official source added.


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