Ukhrul district hospital in disarray


From John K. KapingUKHRUL,  April 28 :  The “Spineless” or the only “Skeletal”  existing of the only Ukhrul District Government run 50-bedded-Hospital established in 18 /6/1976 still runs in a “snap-shop” for the welfare of the people. The present condition of the District hospital exist in fact in a very dilapidated or pitiable condition, running with no electricity and in the absence of the Chief Medical Officer (CMO), acute shortages of staffs and amidst immediate needs of facilities and infrastructures which have made the hospital a failure in the saving the sick or patients of the district.
The people of the district are infact joking that it is the District hospital which is sick and not the patients.
The realities of the hospital came to light only after this Ukhrul correspondent made a visit in order to admit the 80 year old father Ngaranpam Yangya of Phungcham village of this correspondent in a serious condition afflicted during an accident.
Even as the 80 year old was admitted to the hospital, he was advised by the doctor to take X-ray, however it was found out that the lone X Ray technician of the hospital was on leave for a month and there no other who do the needful.
Surprisingly this correspondent found out that there was no staff available at the blood test section of the hospital.
Having no other option the family had to ask the concern doctor to discharge the patient and leave the hospital in the next evening.
A similar case had happened to another accident victim, whose melancholic family members told this correspondent that the patient was asked to take X Ray, but with the nonavailability of the technicians they are unable to do so.
The family members also told that on asking the doctors about the problem, they were told to go to a private hospital and take the necessary X-ray.
Moreover there is no regular power supply in the lone Ukhrul “life-saving hospital” and the CMO has been absent for so long.
The only few assigned doctors, nurses, staffs are catering their services in the District Hospital extending their utmost efforts.


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