UKLF displeased on Government proceedings


IMPHAL, April 5: The United Kuki Liberation Front (UKLF) expresses its displeasure on the Government for dishonouring SoO.A statement released by outfits’, information and publicity secretary, JM. Zou, said that the outfit is unhappy on the Government’s verification act upon them on the March 28, 2011 for the dispersion act of the KNA/KNO group at Chelep camp on March 15.
The outfit questioned the Government why it is turning blind eyes on KNA’s act of violating the SoO ground rules of forming and sponsoring new insurgent outfit. It further questioned why Government is feigning irgrance when KNA has clearly broken the ground rules by forcefully deducting 55 percent of compensation allotted to the ICP, Moreh and wants answer from the Government of what its real motive are for collaborating with groups like KNA who do not hounour SoO.
It maintained that in complete disregard to the ground rules KNA has created and sponsored new insurgent outfits like UMLA, KNLF, PAKAN, UKRA and extorting money forcefully from the public. It pointed out that the new groups operates from Moreh, Tengnoupal, Tuibong, Sangaikot and exercise their self serving agendas upon the Public adding the Government takes action against UKLF for ground rules violation by KAN/KNO.
It warned the Government not to repeat such tactics of unwanted verification on UKLF when the act was actually perpetrated by KNO.
In the meantime, it condemns and issues warning to KNA/KNO not to paint a wrong picture of the UKLF to the Government when they themselves are the culprit.
It questioned the integrity of the KNA/KNO as they have become pawn in the hands of the Government by conniving against their won people and wonders at the plausibility of their nationalistic zeal for the Kuki’s cause. It maintained that the UKLF operates on the principle of reunification and does not encourage or invite any groups who jumps from one camp to the other since signing the SoO adding the UKLF adhered to the agreement not only in principle but in action for the sake of maintaining peace and order in the state.
“If the Government takes our adherence to the SoO rules as a sign of weakness, they would be greatly mistaken as we can break away from this contract anytime”, it opined.
It said any contract remains as valid, when both the signatory parties abide by it. But since the Government, with all its intelligence, intentionally carries out questionable action on the outfit for no fault of theirs, the Government is answerable and questionable on its commitment in hounouring the SoO.
The UKLF strongly condemned the devide and rule policy played by the Government in encouraging or favouring one SoO signatory over the others adding the tatics in the long run will only breed new insurgent groups who will be untameable later and will turn rogue like the CIA sponsored Taliban, it said.


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