Uniqueness of Monsang tribe showcased during cultural festival


CHANDEL, April 30: Showcasing the rich, old traditional culture of the indigenous Monsang Tribe, `Aekam`™ the two days long traditional festival of Monsang tribe was concluded with fanfare at the Monsang Pantha village, in Chandel district yesterday with the unveiling of the memorial stone by ST Thunglung, president Chandel Naga Peoples`™ Organization who attended as the chief guest of the function.

The uniqueness of the festival for the Monsang tribe was marked by the presentations of folk songs and folk dances by the Monsang elders and youths showcasing the rich traditions and culture of the tribe.

The chief guest of the function ST Thunglung, mentioned that, even though there has been a slight modification in the observation of such festivals today, the spirit of observing such festival will certainly enhance the propagations and motivations to the present Monsang youths to restore their rich culture identities at present.

He stated that in older days, the festival used to be celebrated with individual rich and well to do families of the tribe calling in their near and dear one to a feast, however, he added that it has changed today with collective organizations hoisting the festival now.

In the meantime, Benithan, president Monsang Tribe union in his presidential speech mentioned that, observation of such cultural festival for the Monsang tribe has become a much important aspect considering the diminishing trend of the true and rich culture of the Monsang tribe at present.

He said that the association considering the importance of restoring such cultural festival adopted new modalities of observing of Aekam from this year by holding a collective responsibility and discarding the individual observation as such festival will bring certain determination to preserve and protect the rich cultural identities of the Monsang tribe at various levels, he added.

Meanwhile, ST Gilbert, Arts and Culture secretary of the association attended as the guest of honour and elaborated that, Monsang tribe has its own age old traditions and culture, and the community itself had been recognized since the 16 century for their dedications and sacrifices made to the then King of the state, but due to the scarce population of the tribe and its confining to a particular region since the last many decades the rich culture of Monsang tribe could not be propagated till today.

The Aekam festival was enthralled by the performances of various traditional dances on the inaugural session and it was again enlightened by the presentations of modern songs and other entertainment programmes like fashion shows by the Monsang youths in their traditional attires and modern songs presented by the various artists of the Monsang community during the closing day.


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