UNLF accuses Muivah of perpetrating communal violence and Naga disunity


IMPHAL April 2 : United National Liberation Front (UNLF) charged NSCN (IM ) supremo Th Muivah of carrying out petty communal politics which have led to his undoing and exposed his hidden agenda to the public.
Muivah’s communal thinking has lead to bloodshed among the Naga brethren, he is being scorned by other communities for his narrow minded approach and has brought nothing but sowed ill feelings among the residents of the state, a press release by Ksh Yoiheba, senior publicity office of the UNLF stated.
Though the different approaches executed by Muivah to sow disharmony among the different communities including the Kuki and the Meetei have failed and this frustrates the NSCN (IM) leader the most, it stated.
A recent example is the ambush on MLA Wungnaosang Keishing, though Muivah emphasizes the issue of Naga reconciliation, but carries out executions under his command. In this manner, many Naga leaders have been killed mercilessly just to appease his communal feelings. His immoral actions have caused disharmony among the Naga population itself which is unfortunate.
Many ethnic groups including the Zeliangrong, Mao,Tangkhul and Maring have organized armed outfits after breaking away from the NSCN (IM) so that development comes to their areas, this is a new chapter in the Naga insurgent movement and headed towards the right direction, it said.
The 63 year old Naga revolutionary movement had been an inspiration to other outfits of the North East, it may be remembered that during the struggle for independence, countless Naga cadres have been martyred in the battlefield against the IOF, and history recounts the number of villages burnt, women violated and numerous cases of involuntary disappearances (habeas corpus) in the retaliatory effects perpetrated by the IOF.
It can be said that the Naga community have sacrificed much in the fight for independence and must be proud of the fact that the populace have endured the reprisals with a brave face.
But, unfortunately after 1997, the momentum has ceased and the NSCN (IM) has forgotten the sacrifices made by the public and has been in cahoots with the Indian government since then and forgotten their primary objective. The so called cease fire and peace talks in the contrary has resulted in the formation of “Nagalim” instead of addressing the issue of sovereignty. The aim of Muivah is to create discontent among the neighboring states of Manipur, Arunachal Pradesh, Assam which is also the hidden objective of the Indian government.
The malevolence of Muivah has wrought nothing but communal tension and disunity among the Naga populace and the results are self evident and further shows the lack of far sightedness of the so called NSCN (IM) leader,the release said. 


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