Vendors erupt at Khwairamband with conflicting demands


IMPHAL, April 26: Normal business at Khwiaramband Keithel was today disturbed due to seperate groups of vendors from the bazaar area putting in their separate sets of demands to the government.
In the wake of yesterday’s cabinet decision to vacate street vendors from the streets of Khwairamband keithel, police today started vacating the street vendors from their vending space around the footpaths of the newly built Ema keithels.
However even as the police were trying to vacate the vendors, another set of women vendors from the temporary market sheds came out from their market sheds and started occupying the vending spaces made available by the police action, citing that the coming of the street vendors have effected their daily business in a negative way, with most customers unwilling to enter the temporary sheds since they are able to buy their things from the street vendors itself.
However, the police were able to pacify the vendors from the temporary sheds with the assurance that the street vendors will be vacated from the road-side vending spaces by May 2 after which the vendors returned to their market sheds.
Meanwhile the evening witnessed a somewhat similar incident even though for the exact opposite reason.
Decrying the decision of the state cabinet to move their vending space from the Khwairamband Bazaar to Lamphelpat supermarket, street vendors selling their wares in the main bazaar of the state today stormed the Imphal Municipal Council building at around 3:45 pm in the evening.
The women street vendors who have been selling their wares along the footpaths near the newly built Ima Keithels today stated that in case the government wants them to shift their vending space to the Lamphel supermarket than the government should also make the vendors from the temporary market sheds to shift along with them.
President, Khwai Apunba Street Vendor Y Rita Leima while speaking to mediapersons stated that representatives of the association have met with the chairperson of the IMC. She also stated that since he is not in a position to render their demands, the IMC chairperson has appealed them to provide their demands in writing, which could be further handed over to the Chief Minister.
The president further stated that the written demands will be handed to the IMC chairperson tomorrow.
She further added that the street vendors will occupy the little space available inside the temporary market shed from tomorrow until the government finds an amicable solution.


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