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Visiting team looking to rectify erring census report of Senapati

IMPHAL, April 22: Responding to the official complimentary reports on the abnormal increase of the populations in some villages in Senapati District during the recently activated Census operations as submitted by the state government, a three members team from the MHA and Directorate of Census Government of India have visited the state and conducted field surveillances at Senanpati district yesterday to rectify the erring census reports.
 According to a highly placed official source, a three members central team led by Dr. MC Mahenathan, director NE. ministry of home affairs, Government of India, deputy director general of census Government of India, SK Chakraborthy and Lily Chandra Maya, deputy director general of census Government of India have jointly arrived in the state capital yesterday morning from Delhi by air and the visiting central officers have made their direct visit to Senapati district head quarter where they attended an official meeting with the representatives of Naga People organization (NPO) at the office chamber of DC Senapati which was participated by the DC Senapati and SP and other district level officials of Senanapti district.
The official source said that the joint meeting with the central officials discussed the rectifications on the reported abnormal rise of populations in some of the villages under Senapati district during the recently conducted census operations in the district with the representatives of NPO and district administrative officers of the Senapati district.
In the meantime the official source has failed to disclose the official resolutions of the meeting with the central leaders but there is expectation of positive implication of the said joint official meeting in rectifying the erring census reports, the source added.
On the other hand the visiting central officers after attending the meeting at the DC office Senanapti district head quarter yesterday afternoon returned to Imphal by road along the National Highway 39 under tight security protection of 5 MR escorts and stayed for one night at Hotel Classic before leaving for Delhi this morning the official source added.



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