28 AR Lilong post


    IMPHAL, May 8: At around 8: 30 am on May 8, Anoujam Anou, 75, r/o Lilong Chajing was bitten by a venomous snake on her left ankle while she was working in her garden.According to a release of the 28 AR, she was immediately brought to the 28 AR Lilong post and was given first aid at 9:15 am by the nursing staff of 28 AR Liong post.Immediate rescue and timely treatment yielded in saving the life of the person who was in a dire state. It further stated that the relatives of Anoujam Anou were thankful and grateful to the 28 AR Lilong post for providing timely assistance, care and life saving drugs, the absence of which would have proved lethal to the elderly lady’s life, it stated.


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