ACI launch nationwide massive Oral Cencer Awareness


IMPHAL, May 28: Apollo Cancer Institutes (ACI) has launched a nationwide massive Oral Cancer Awareness month starting from May 28. The primary focus of this campaign is to make people aware about oral cancer and its prevention.

According to an emailed statement, the Apollo Cancer Institutes is organizing free oral screening camps in various cities in the north-eastern part of the country which will also include Imphal. Cancer specialists from various Apollo hospitals are participating in these camps to screen patients for any symptoms of oral cancer. Other activities like awareness ads, leaflet distribution and education program for local doctors are also being undertaken in this part of the country, the statement added.

The statement further stated that Dr Rupali Basu, chief executive officer, Eastern Region, Apollo Hospitals Group, said in a communication `Apollo Hospitals have been the frontrunners in providing the best cancer care in the country. Our hospitals are known for introducing new technologies and the team of cancer specialists are relentlessly offering their expertise and services to help our thousands of patients who need world class cancer care. We are committed to bring all treatment modalities to fight cancer in our hospitals`. She also added, `Apollo Cancer Institutes have undertaken a massive awareness drive to make people about Oral Cancer `“ Its causes, prevention and treatment. We are conducting our first oral cancer screening camp at Imphal today`.

According to the statement, Dr Litan Naha Biswas, consultant Radiation Oncology of Apollo Gleneagles Cancer Hospital, Kolkata is in Imphal to screen the patients who are attending the screening camp. He said,` we all know the best way to beat oral cancer is by detecting it early. This is especially important for those who chew tobacco, smoke cigarettes, use snuff, and/or consume alcohol`. According to him one must get himself/herself screened immediately if they have persistent skin lesion, lump or ulcer in the mouth area, lump on the neck, pain in the neck or throat, numbness in the face, frequent headaches, and difficulty in swallowing or chewing.

Oral cancer usually demands a combination of treatments like surgery, radiation and chemotherapy. That`™s why, instead of an individual doctor, the fight against oral cancer needs a small army of professionals. Like a medical oncologist, a radiation specialist and a surgical oncologist. Each an expert in his/her field and work together, it added.


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