ANCA object to the awarding of educationally backward blocks


Newmai News NetworkIMPHAL, May 15: Anal Naga Chiefs’ Association (ANCA) has expressed objection to the awarding of Educationally Backward Blocks (EBBs) project to Toupokpi village in Chandel district of Manipur under Centrally sponsored Rashtriya Madhyamik Siksha Abhiyan (RMSA). It said that the “wrong selection” of the village is against the guidelines of the project.  The awarding of EBBs project to Toupokpi village under RMSA has flouted the guidelines such as availability of proper facilities like secondary school system, water supply, medical/health care, market/shopping centre, security/police station, post office all within three kilometers of the project site, stated Chakpikarong sub-division president of the chiefs’ association HL Thungam Anal in an objection letter sent to the State Project Director, SIS, RMSA, Manipur.Besides not having the required facilities prescribed by the project guidelines, Toupokpi is just a lone village located six kilometers away from Chakpikarong headquarters block, it added. Voicing its displeasure at the choice of the project site, the chiefs’ association maintained that “it is highly against the interest of the general public and students’ community that the selection of the site was done by some vested interest mongers without thres while the runners were given Rs 2000.and all the semi finalist Rs 1000 each. All the quarter finalist were also given Rs 500 each.


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