Another complain against new regulations around Khwairamband


IMPHAL May 4: Unlike the previous chaotic and perilous busy roads in and around Khwairamband market, the road today look much spacious with less traffic congestions. However, on the flipside, problems are pouring in from various corners.

The restrictions laid on the loading and unloading of goods in and around commercial market place in the heart of Imphal have caused a severe blow to the cart drawing porters and ordinary porters who survive on loading and unloading of goods for big commercial grocery outlets and other wholesalers of various commodities.

L Sotinkumar, general secretary, All India Trade Union Congress, reasoned that if these problems persist, there might be a negative impact on the prices of various consumer goods items.

A press conference was held today at Irawat Bhavan organized by the All Manipur Mutya worker`™s Union, Imphal, to express their plight on the restriction of loading and unloading of goods by cart drawn carriages around the commercial areas for the past three days and appealed the government to reconsider the prevailing arrangement. Addressing media persons on behalf of AMMWU, L. Sotinkumar expressed his apprehension on the non existence of prearrangement for the porters before putting restriction upon them.

He added that the porters have been out of work for three consecutive days. The porters are mostly from outside the state, keeping in view of the security problems and the inconvenience of plying beyond the commercial areas, the government should arrange a viable solution in the existing area at Dharamsala, he added. A memorandum will be submitted to the Chief Minister in this regard, tomorrow at 3pm, he said. To expressed dissatisfaction over the government`™s decisions a two days cease work strike has been called, starting from tomorrow from 6am said the general secretary, Bijoykumar Gupta of AMMWU. Representatives and members of AMMWU were present during the conference besides the media persons.


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