AR buckles under local protest, sets NSCN cadres free


IMPHAL, May 21: The 5 Assam Rifles today buckled under pressure from the local womenfolk of Senapati district who have been demanding release of the five NSCN IM cadres who were arrested by the AR from Senapati district of Manipur yesterday evening and released the five militant cadres.
The five cadres of NSCN-IM who were reportedly arrested by troops of 5 Assam Rifles yesterday at Senapati, have been set free in the wee hours today following mounting pressure from enraged womenfolk of the area who had gheraoed the convoy of the Assam Rifles.
According to a police source, the woman remained gathered at the Ningthoupham village along the National Highway 39 till the time the five were released this early morning.
According to the police, at around 2 pm Friday, five cadres of the NSCN-IM were arrested by personnel of 5 Assam Rifles from Senapati bazaar in Manipur.
Even as the AR convoy was trying to transfer the arrested NSCN-IM cadres from Senapati to Imphal, a group of local womenfolk gathered at Ningthoupham village along National Highway 39 in Senapati district and gheraoed the convoy demanding their release.
According to reports the militant cadres were released owing to strong protest from the group of womenfolk who had blocked the convoy of the Assam Rifles in Senapati yesterday while they were ferrying the cadres towards Imphal.
The sources further informed that even as the cadres were released their weapons were seized by the Assam Rifles personnel. The seized items included two AK series rifle, one carbine and one 9 mm pistol.
However, on what condition the five arrested NSCN-IM cadres have been released can not be confirmed till the filling of this report and the identities of the cadres were not divulged by the police.


  1. We must look at these arrests and road drama with humour. Even if the arrested persons are taken down they will be released immediately by the courts with the help of the lawyers and politicians. They all play their part with elegance! 


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