Chief Minister clarifies on NPF launching issue


IMPHAL, May 28: Chief Minister of Nagaland, Neiphiu Rio, has today inaugurated the NPF`™s office unit at Senapati this morning after the cabinet acceded to the request of the Nagaland Chief Minister.

Breifing media persons in this regard at his official bungalow, Chief Minister, O. Ibobi Singh, clarified that the state cabinet had to meet again today considering the insistence of the Chief Minister of Nagaland to visit Senapati to launch the NPF office who assured that his visit would be peaceful and a democratic one.

The meet acceded to Rio`™s request considering the assurance given and also considering the high office of the Chief Minister of a state and protocol associated with it as also to maintain a friendly and cordial relationship with the neighboring states, said the Chief Minister.

The Chief Minister further pointed out that the Nagaland Chief Minister yesterday evening had faxed a letter making a personnel request citing that all the arrangement had already been made and to consider the expenditure incurred in arranging the launching of the function. The letter further maintained that at the same time many dignitaries and party representatives have already started their journey, and as such he is unable to defer his visit, the Manipur Chief Minister stated.

O Ibobi further stated that keeping aside the issue of any hidden agenda, it would not be a civilized move to bar the visit of an elected representative of a democratic country who will be launching a political party recognized by the election commission of India and furhter clarified that the controversial article X (A) (1) of the NPF constitution has already been amended in 2009.

While responding to queries on the proposed talk with the United Naga Council (UNC), the Chief Minister stated that the Manipur Government will not entertain talks with the UNC on the agenda of `alternative arrangement` or concede to its demand of declaring the ADC election Null and Void.

He further disclosed that the Home department has today in a statement requested Shambu Singh, Joint secretary (NE), Ministry of Home affairs, Government of India to defer the proposed talk between the state Government and the UNC citing that the delicate law and order situation in Senapati may not be conducive to hold talks.

Moreover, despite the intimation of the MHA to the UNC to communicate with the state government, of which the UNC apparently is not willing to, it has failed to furnish its agenda for the talk, said Chief Minister O Ibobi.

The MHA has also been intimated for asking the UNC to clearly spell out their demands at least one week in advance to enable a meaningful discussion and also to advise the UNC to communicate directly with the state government, further added the Chief Minister.

In his response to queries raised during the meet on the circumstances to hold talks with leaders of the UNC who have been tagged wanted by the state Government, Chief Minister clarified that the wanted tagged can be reconsidered if the UNC put forward its atonement and give concrete assurance to avoid working against the people.

But he asserted that necessary actions will be taken against them if they remain adamant.

In the meantime, the Chief Minister appeals medias in the state to avoid publishing intimidation, threats etc that threaten the national security and its people for the home department has issued an order to taking serious note of such frequent publication and likely to take actions against it.



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