Draft review of HIV State Policy prepared asserts I Ibohanbi


IMPHAL, May 22: The secretary of Manipur Legislature’s Forum on HIV and AIDS (MLFA) and MLA of Oinam Assembly Constituency Dr. I Ibohanbi  expressed that HIV/AIDS policy of the state which was instituted in 1996 has become outdated.
The MLA was speaking at a One- day Constituency Covention on HIV and AIDS held at Namdunlong Baptist Church near Khuman Lampak today.
The convention was attended by MPCC president G. Gaikhangam and MTDC chairman and the MLA of Henglep constituency T. Manga Vaiphei and UNAIDS state coordinator Sushil Huidrom. Ibohanbi further stated that there are many programmes which are aimed at the benefits of persons living with HIV/AIDS.
To revised the HIV State Policy, a draft review has been prepared with consultation of Manipur Aids Control Society. The draft review will be brought to the attention of the state assembly and hopefully a new state policy will be passed. He also mentioned that to facilitate detection of HIV syndrome, the state govt. has also plans to purchase machinery to installed in all the district hospitals of the state. This will save, afford and facilitate the affected persons in the far flung districts.
Speaking as chief guest G. Gaikhangam stated that the means to control the HIV pandemic lies within the public and how informed they are about the virus. In the globalized world one has to refrain from stigmatizing the affected persons as HIV positive status can be compared with a person having diabetics or high blood pressure.
He said that with proper care and medication one need not die due to the affection of HIV prematurely.  He mantains such awareness programme as higly beneficial to the public in spreading awareness, and such through programme the public thus can understand the means of protecting oneself from being affected.



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