Former KNLF cadre alleged KNO/KNA of sheltering non SoO outfits


IMPHAL, May 11: A former cadre of the Kuki National Liberation Front (Kuki People’s Army) who defected to the United Kuki Liberation Front today has alleged that KNO/KNA a signatory party of the Suspension of Operation with the government has been sheltering the KNLF which is not a signatory party of the SoO.
The cadre identified as Hangsai alias Lalpu former finance secretary of the KNLF (KPA) stated that the reason behind his defection to the UKLF is the absence of any revolutionary motto or ideology of the KNLF.
He has also alleged that most cadres of the KNLF are working for individual gains and interest and that they lack any revolutionary values.
The former KNLF has also alleged that KNLF has been working against the unity of the Kuki community.
Further speaking at a press conference held at the Khambarol designated camp of the UKLF, he stated that KNLF was formed in March 2008 by Late Ngamlet Baite, a village chief, Mangcha Misao, present c-in-c of the outfit, Lutlal Misao and two other kuki elders from Moreh.
He further maintained that around 17 cadres including himself forming the first batch of the outfit were trained at a Khengkan training centre, Myanmar and passed out from the training centre in February this year.He further alleged that after their training, three of them including himself entered Manipur on February 27 and spread at various locations of the state.
Further briefing the press conference, he stated that another seven cadres of the KNLF entered Manipur with full combat dresses and arms on March 6, and added that the seven were authorized by one defense secretary of KNO/KNA identified as TS Haokip to stay at the Salem designated camp of KNO/KNA.
He further alleged that the seven KNLF cadres had laid two ambushes on the UKLF in between March 6 and May 8.
“The first ambush was laid at a location in between Sugnu and Chandel while the second ambush was laid in the Thingkangphai area of Chandel district” he added. However both the ambush were total failures as they were unable to inflict any casualties to the UKLF cadres.
After the two ambushes on the UKLF, six of the seven KNLF cadres were guided upto the Manipur Myanmar border by cadres of the KNO/KNA, he further alleged.
During routine verification of the Salem KNO/KNA camp by central security forces during their stay at the camp, the KNLF cadres were kept hidden by the cadres of the KNO/KNA, he further charged.
During the simple welcoming ceremony held during the press conference the former cadre of the KNLF was received by SS Mate, pro unit III, UKLF.


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