Former militant leader balms Sandrok villagers water woes


IMPHAL, May 13: With a population of about 1,600 and about 500 household Chanam Sandrok falling under the Keirao constituency is among the numerous villages in Manipur reeling under water woes with ponds and few handpumps as the main source of drinking water.

However the gloomy days seem to be over for the people of the villagers as the glittering smiles brought on the faces of the villagers is evident at the inauguration of A 12,000 litre capacity water reservoir tank in the locality.

The reservoir which will be fed with water from the various natural creeks and brooks, was constructed and inaugurated by by former militant leader turned politician MI Khan.

Although rich in water sources the people have always been deprived of drinking quality waters due to the apathy of the concerned authority.

The reservoir costing over 3 lakhs rupees is constructed by the former militant leader, an aspirant candidate of the coming general election.

The low cost reservoir aiming to distribute water to the entire 1,600 population is fed by creek from about 800 metres Phunan foothills through pipes. The water later will be distributed from the reservoir to every pockets of the village through extension pipes, said Nabakumar Thiyam secretary Sandrok Development organization.

The Sandrok village has rich resource of water but due to lack of attention from concerned authority, the people had been left on the mercy of temporary sources like ponds and handpumps, claimed Nabakumar.

He further disclosed that there are two ponds in the vicinity of the village but the water is not fit for drinking. Of the ten handpumps in the locality only four pumps are functional, he further added.

Samandram Ito, 71, of Sandrok Maning Leikai said `We are extremely happy and our happiness knows no bound, I feel like I am reincarnating again in a new Chanam Sandrok, after a long time now we get to enjoy the refreshing water from the creek free from all kind of harm`, he said.

Bimola Takhelambam, 50, of Chanam Sandrok Maning Leikai recalled that there were times when the villagers had to rely on a small water hole. The villagers have to get up early and race for the water holes and more interestingly the waters holes are temporary. When it dried up we have to search for another source, she added.

The problems however to some extent improved with the construction of handpumps but this does not last long as most of the pumps get defunct easily. The pumps once defunct is permanently useless and only four are in working conditions today, said Sandrok.
The construction of the reservoir is a dream come true for the people. Now every people have a reason to rejoice and smile said Bimola and thanked the effort of the former militant leader for having the true spirit of a social leader.

In the meantime speaking during the inauguration function of the water collection centre cum reservoir held at Chanam Sandrok Makha Leikai Mandhop, MI Khan assured to take up more development programmes and provide all the lacking infrastructure and facilities from electricity to water, schools etc in the area.

He claimed that he had drafted a work programme to be taken up in the constituency and soon will be sent to the authority concerned and further assured to work in the interest of people irrespective of winning or losing election.

A large number of people from over 26 polling station people turned out to take part in the inaugural function.


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