KCP(Maoist) dictates BSP president to resign


IMPHAL May 4: The Kangleipak Communist Party (Maoist) in a press statement by the outfit`™s assistant secretary publicity and propaganda Nonglen Meitei warns president of the state unit of Bahujan Samajwadi Party, Kavita for her alleged role in handing over one Salam Sanjoy to the 12 MLI autorities.

The outfit charged that Kavita is found to be an informant of the Army as per an investigation conducted after the custodial death of Sanjoy recently. The matter has also been tried to be kept under wraps by congress worker Meerabai, her endeavor is not taken lightly by the outfit. Meerabai also held a meeting with the family members of the deceased,Kavita and members of the JAC at the office of the DGP. The DGP proposed to offer Rs 1 lac as compensation and to deput one family member of the deceased for the post of a VDF personnel, the family members of the deceased did not agree at the proposal but Meerabai and the JAC endorsed the proposal on the family`™s behalf, it states, further is remains suspicious that the amount has also been taken by them.

The SP capsules and N 10 tablets allegedly recovered from Sanjoy`™s corpse were planted by the army because he died in their custody after suffering brutal torture. If the circumstances were different and Sanjoy had been arrested from somewhere else, then he would be planted with a weapon to make it look like an encounter,it states.

The delay of giving out the post mortem report of the deceased also points to the fact that the Army is trying to cover up their mistakes as tell tale signs of torture can be seen over some parts of the body.

The human rights organizations including Committee on Human Rights (COHR) should protest the incident instead of taking a biased stance. It can be observed that nothing good comes out of having close links with the security forces. Many fake surrenders are held by the security forces after hauling up ex cadres and other innocents with the help of politicians, such fake politicians should be taught lessons in time.

Further, Kavita should surrender to the outfit within 5 days time from today and resign from BSP presidency. If the order of the outfit goes unheeded,then the BSP will be targeted by the outfit, Meerabai should not interfere in this issue otherwise she will receive reprisals from the KCP (Maoist) ,the release concluded.


  1. Here comes high and mighty KCP trying to save the day! What kinds of Morale authority these outfit have other that looting the public and killing the innocent for not giving the demand money?
    What good these looser have done for Manipur other than meddling and draining the resources of Manipur.
    Just because they have guns, can they charge blame to anyone? I guess so.
    It is also a known fact that nothing good come out of having close link with KCP also
    other than bring demise to Ema Leipak Manipur.
    It is so obvious behind the working brain of KCP, tented by the color of money all they can come up is surrender or face the consequence.
    Since you looser don’t want to work for honest living surrender is not an option huh?


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