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Kishan`s family charges involvement of DC Pankaj Pal in murder incident

IMPHAL May 15: In a significant development in the Kasom Khullen murder case, family members of late Th Kishan, then SDO of Kasom Khullen, who was allegedly killed by cadres of the NSCN(IM) few years back have given their statements to the CBI court alleging that the then Ukhrul DC Pankaj Kumar Pal was involved in the conspiracy to kill the Manipur Civil Service officer. According to a reliable source, three members of the late SDO Kishan’s family had given their statements to the CBI court on April 29 clearly mentioning that Pankaj Kumar Pal was involved in the murder of SDO Kishan and his two supporting staffs.The source further disclosed that Kishan’s family members were among 68 prosecution witness who gave their statements to the CBI court.Kishan’s father Surendra, wife Thingnam ongbi Romita and Kishan’s younger brother Thingnam Roshan gave their statements to the CBI court on April 29 last, the source added. As per statement of Thingnam Roshan Singh, 36, younger brother of late Kishan, his brother was harassed by the then Ukhrul DC Pankaj Pal. Roshan.He also mentioned in his statement that his brother had told him about the nexus between the NSCN(IM) and Pankaj and the later actively supporting the outfit when it demanded their share of the fund meant for NAREGA scheme. Similarly, wife of the late SDO, Thingnam ongbi Romita in her statement accused Pankaj Kumar Pal as the mastermind behind the killing of her husband. She also mentioned about the harassment meted out to Kishan by Pankaj and the later’s effort to remove Kishan from his post. Kishan’s father, Surendra also gave his statement that his son went to meet the DC Ukhrul on February 13, 2009 along with A Rajen Sharma, Y Token Singh, Ram Singh Siro, Ram Thing Sahinglai and Kapangkhui Jajo as there was a likely visit of state works minister K Ranjit to the Kasom Khullen sub division. Kishan also informed that he would return by February 14, 2009, unfortunately he never came back, the statement submitted by Surendra mentioned. Regarding the latest development in the SDO murder case, noted lawyer of the state Khaidem Mani spoke to media today and asserted that after the state government handed over Kishan’s killing case to the CBI, the investigating agency never mentioned about involvement of the then Ukhul DC Pankaj Kumar Pal.Mani also said that the statement given by Kishan’s family members mentioned about involvement of Pankaj Kumar Pal. While stating that the matter has been brought up to the highest level, Mani appeal the people to observe the way in which the CBI inquiry has been progressing and to see that the perpetrators of the crime are brought to justice.


  1. PanKanj the mayang and the primitive group Muivah in cahoot with each other killed three innocents for their own vested interests must meet their fate of justice so or later.

    •  What are you doing here blowing air? Why don’t you do something? Have you done something or are prepared to do or have you started thinking to act? I guess you have the emphatic answer “No” slapped into your forehead. 

      The difference is not in the caste community or gender but its in the way you do the actions. Muivah killed numerous people supported by the so called “Mayangs”  from the time of Rishang Keising who was given the veto power by your own community leaders – now tell me who do you blame? your own community – for giving power to Muivah who was backed up by your own father by being at the end of the food chain staying happily and ignorantly in the valley?

      You are the biggest fool i would say. I still advise you to look beyond your insensible patriotic thoughts which is carried away by reading an incomplete book. Read the book completely, read even those which has a slight connection to your thoughts.

      Get well soon!


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