Kumar Kom Appeals


    As Mr. James (Mugundhan), CEO UNIGROUP, failed to keep his promise, I would like to say a big sorry and my apology to all the respected leaders and investors for being unable to fulfill the desire of the investors. As per James`™s assurance at Malaysia and as per the telephonic conversation almost every day, he kept on telling me that he will be clearing the payout before the end of April, but the month has ended and nothing got materialize. Still then, I will keep on pressurizing him until and unless we get back our money. He still kept on saying that he will return the capital amount sooner or later.

    Therefore, I sincerely request all the respected leaders and investors to kindly support in forming a committee or welfare so as to make alternative arrangement along with the committee to bring out some amicable solution of the prevailing situation in order to safeguard the people and to avoid unwanted troubles and violence. Trouble and violence will bring only destruction and lost and therefore, I humbly request all the investors to kindly understand and bear with me for some more time and shun any sort of violence. In the meantime, I will pursue to my level best to get back our principle amount with the committee. And whatever the funds coming from the company will be made directly credited in the committee`™s account. And I will not stop fighting the company till we achieve our desire goal and everything is possible when we all unitedly work together. Once again, I humbly request all the investors to kindly support and cooperate with me and the leaders as we are trying our very best to come out of our problem. An information office will be open in Imphal at the earliest possible time.

    While we are trying our very best to come out of the prevailing situation investors are humbly requested not to create any troubles/hindrance.

    Thanking your for kind cooperation and support.
    Please send your feedback/suggestion to “investors.welfare@gmail.com”


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