Mao mail line to be restored after safety assurance


IMPHAL, May 6: The Mail service from Imphal to Mao will be restored temporarily with immediate effect informed the postal employees union in a statement.
It said that the decision was resolved during a meeting convened today at the Imphal Head office attended by the members of all India Postal Employees Union P-III, P-IV and AIPEDEU Manipur Division.
It said that the decision for restoration was taken after due consideration of the assurances made by the local leaders of Senapati district, P.S Henry Paotei former MLA senapati, The Naga People Organisation and the Senapati district Students Association about the safety and security of mails and postal staffs during the conveyance of mails on the said route.
It however warned that in case of further intimidation, extortions or similar disturbances during the restoration period the suspension will be revoke immediately adding it appeal all concerned to co-operate with the employees.


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