Militants lay down arms, state ADGPassures all help under existing surrender policy


IMPHAL May 26: Ten hardcore UG cadres of various banned militant outfits have laid down their arms before Major General CA Krishnan, IGAR (South) and ADGP Y Zathang, IPS in a simple surrender ceremony held at the HQIGAR (S), Mantripukhri today.

The ten undergrounds who surrendered with arms and ammunitions included one each from the banned outfits of UNLF, PLA, PREPAK(S), KCP(S) and KCP (MTF) and five cadres from UNPC. They are identified as No.2229 s/s pvt Ningthoukhongjam Ibotomba alias Konthou,18, s/o N Ranjit, r/o Kakching Chumlang (UNLF), No.2791 s/s sgt Thangboi alias Roben alias Timothy,27, s/o Hemkhai, r/o Tuibong, CC Pur (PLA), s/s pvt Sumarjit Metei alias Apike, r/o Kutoujam, Imphal East (PREPAK-S).

The surenderees include No.362 s/s l cpl Ningthemo alias Inao Khomjinba,23, s/o S Lukhao Singh, r/o Wangoo Mamang Leikai, (KCP-S), s/s pvt Angom Nanao alias Pishak, s/o late Ibocha, r/o Kanglatombi, Sekmai, (KCP-MTF) and No.076 s/s cpl B L Arjun alias Sachingba, 26, BL Lungkulinang, r/o New Kabui Khullen, s/s cpl B L Sangak alias Sachui, s/o BL Kutuang, r/o Oktean, Noney, s/s pvt Samphangni alias Achan, s/o Hopson, r/o Lamlong, s/s pvt Ningreisem alias Thangrei, s/o Nagining Khul, r/o Thingsong, Senapati, s/s pvt Wistom alias Sauthang, s/o Ningchung, r/o Leihaviram, Senapati of UNPC.

Four AK-rifles with magazines, one M 16 rifle with magazines, one M 22 rifle with magazines, one Lathod, two 9mm pistols with magazines and one Kenwood radio set along with a large amount of ammunition were handed over by the surrenderees during the ceremony.

Speaking at the surrender ceremony, state ADGP V. Zathang welcomed the youths to the mainstream of the civil society. The peaceful surrender of these cadres with arms would definitely be a guiding beacon for militants not in Suspension of Operation with the government, to follow the rest who have paved way for peace and harmony in the state.

He further mentioned that the continuing effort of surrendering by various outfit in the state is a sign of improvement in the law and order. He opined his belief that one day the rest of the militants would also come out in the mainstream to lead a normal peaceful live with their families and friends.

The ADGP also assured all facilities which can be provided by the state government under the state`™s existing surrender policy to the surrendered undergrounds. Speaking on the occasion, Maj Gen CA Krishnan, IGAR(South) mentioned that more and more misled youth are being encouraged to abjure violence, lay down arms and join the main stream .He also said that the misled youth who lay down arms require support from all sections of the society to reintegrate with the main stream. He added that so far 625 various militants had surrendered to Assam Rifles and further mentioned that Assam Rifles have been involved in various initiatives with different villagers to pave a peaceful way for bringing those who had strayed in the wrong direction.


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