Mob violence rears it ugly head again; alleged molester son bears brunt


Furniture lying in the courtyard of W.Manglemjao of Khurai Thongam Leikai after an enraged mob ransacked his house on charges of molesting a student.
Furniture lying in the courtyard of W.Manglemjao of Khurai Thongam Leikai after an enraged mob ransacked his house on charges of molesting a student.
IMPHAL, May 7: Mob justice continues to persist unabated in the state with an angry mob ransacking the house of an alleged child molester before thrashing and stabbing the alleged molester’s son today at Khurai Thongam Leikai. The stab victim is in hospital.

According to the mother of the victim, W. Manglemjao a traditional healer (Maiba) the alleged accused reportedly molested her 13 year old teenage girl Julia (name changed) this morning in the name of exorcising the girl from evil spirits.

She further disclosed that the incident occurred today at around 11 am when she took her daughter to the residence of Manglemjao in order to check the girl student since she has been complaining of headaches which was thought to be related to her encountering a spirit.

The mother who hails from Heikrujam Makhong further mention that during the treatment of her daughter, Manglemjao had asked her to buy ingredients from the nearby bazaar to be used during the treatment.

After coming back with the required items, she was again asked to go to the bazaar and buy something else, however when she came back from the second trip she found the door of the room where she had left her child with the alleged molester closed from inside, and so she went behind the room and entered it through another door, she added.

However she found her daughter crying and half naked and on being asked why she was crying her Julia replied that she had been molested by Manglemjao in her absence, the mother further said.

She also added that Julia narrated the story to her, however on being confronted about the action, the alleged molester who is a 60 year old man cheekily answered that he was only showing his love and pity for the little girl.

Dismissing his answer, she went home alongwith her daughter.

Meanwhile after the news spread to the locality of the girl, people bearing Dau and knifes stormed into the house of the alleged molester and ransacked his properties.

However the mob turned uncontrollable and thrashed the alleged molester and stab his eldest son landing both the father and son in the hospital.

Meanwhile in another twist to the story, a shocked Premila, daughter in law of the alleged molestor and wife of his injured son stated that her husband was stabbed without any warning as the couple alongwith their four months old child was rushing out from their residence after hearing a commotion outside.

She further added that her husband had no knowledge about the incident as he had just returned from work.

She further disclosed that her father in law also came out of the house as the mob asked for him however he was beaten up mercilessly by the mob, she adds.

The mob also tried to set the house on fire however the timely intervention of the police averted the incident, said Premila.
The incident also triggered panic among the locality.

Police were deployed in an around the area to prevent further unwanted incident.


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