Newly constructed retaining wall at Takyel collapses; ASO suspended in blame game


Representatives of the MPP, inspecting the collapsed portion of the month old retaining wall along the Takyel Khongbal Mayai leikai today.
Representatives of the MPP, inspecting the collapsed portion of the month old retaining wall along the Takyel Khongbal Mayai leikai today.
IMPHAL, March 24: The collapsing of a section of a retaining wall about 25 feet long constructed by the IFCD along the Takyel Khongbal Mayai Leikai has angered and raised doubts amongst the local populace of Takyel over the quality of the works maintained by the department during its construction.

The Manipur Peoples Party too joined in charging the department of using adulterated construction material in the construction of the retaining wall.

However denying any shortcomings on their part the IFCD`™s chief engineer, Th. Indramani, during a press conference held this evening at the concerned ministers`™ official quarter, blamed the collapsing of the wall due to failure of supervision on the part of the ASO and the contractor handling the work.

The chief engineer also informed that the particular ASO, Rishikesh Sharma, has been suspended besides informing to institute an enquiry in the case.

He held that necessary actions will be taken against the contractor and if needed to black list him as per the findings of the enquiry.

The local populace of Takyel has been irked by the wall collapsing. The president of the Takyel United Progressive Organisation, Ch. Dewan, questioned the minister concerned over the quality of works maintained in constructing the wall along the Takyel Khongban Mayai Leikai.

He said that a similar incident had earlier taken place at the Takyel Khongban Khumanthem Leikai on May 10 where in about 15 feet long retaining wall collapsed.

Ch. Dewan further appealed the minister to stop highlighting wrong news of maintaining quality in construction works through media without surveying the ground reality.

Further questioning the credibility of the wall, the TUPO president urged the minister to give strong instruction to the concerned officials to maintain standard works and further asserted that the department ought to bear the sole responsibility in the event of any unwanted incident arising due to their negligence.

Further during the late evening conference, the chief engineer, Indramani, ruled out any possibilities of not maintaining quality works as charged and pointed to by the collapsing of the wall. He pointed out technical complication and lack of monitoring as the main reasons behind the collapsing of the wall.

Contradicting the claims of poor quality of works the chief engineer further contended that the stability of the wall was compromised due to saturation of soil due to the continuous down pour during the last few days which he further blamed is due to the lack of supervision of the concerned ASO and the contractor involved.

The chief engineer in formed that the department will conduct a survey of the retaining walls in certain parts and asserted that some places have been already identified by the department.

Earlier during the day representatives of the Manipur Peoples`™ Party (MPP) led by its Youth front president Maniton Mangang and general secretary, MPP Robin Blacky, also inspected the site of the fallen retaining wall. During the inspection the representatives alleged the construction material was adulterated and disclosed that the party would file a written complaint to CBI to investigate into the matter and at the same time apply an application to the RTI.

The MPP representatives also expressed their apprehension on the credibility of the retaining wall as it had failed to withstand the start of monsoon even though it was built to withstand floods.


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