NSCN court-martials two accused in Dimapur businessman murder


DIMAPUR, May 19 (NNN): NSCN-IM said tonight that the outfit had court-martialed and terminated the two NSCN-IM cadres involved in the kidnapping and murder of Dimapur prominent businessman Md Israr. Rosu Rhi and Umesh Singh were tried and convicted in absentia, said the NSCN-IM.

” The panel, in condemnation of the gruesome act, found AB-11501 Major Rosu Rhi and AB-11845 2nd Lieut. Umesh Singh guilty of breaching the military code of conduct in the highest order when they acted in their own selfish motive to kidnap for ransom and ultimately committed the hienous crime,” said the NSCN-IM.

It is worth recalling that on May 12, the dead body of Md Israr was found shot dead at 7th mile in Dimapur, near Essar Petrol Pump after he was abducted two days before for ransom.

In this connection, one NSCN-IM `major` identified as one Rasu has been arrested by Dimapur police.

According to sources, Md Israr dealt in sand and stone chips. He was abducted on May 10 at around 7 am from Burma Camp area of Dimapur but he was found murdered with a bullet mark on his head.

The sources further said a sum of Rs three crores was demanded from the businessman for his release which was ultimately negotiated down to Rs 16.5 lakhs after the negotiation.


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