Out-dated items seized from 18 bakeries


IMPHAL, May 7: The Federation of Regional and Indigenous Society, FREINDS, today seized various unlabelled and unhygienic bakery products from 18 bakeries of the Imphal area and set the products on fire at Heirangoithong Bazar Maning.The 18 local bakeries from where the items were seized are Payal Bakery, Dev Bakery, Kavita Bakery, SP Mixture, Sangai Bakery, Prakash Sahu, Tania Bakery etc.Seized items amounting to about Rs 26, 970 were set on fire today by the society. Speaking to media-persons, general secretary, FRIENDS Elangbam Shyamshunder stated that even though the society had earlier warned the bakeries against not printing of expiry and manufacturing dates, the bakeries ignored the warning and continued as earlier.He further stated that the bakeries have been indulging in various unhygienic activities like changing labels of out-dated food items. He alleged that the bakeries sold previously unsold items which were outdated by changing their labels in bulks at far flung areas.Even though such label-changed items are rarely seen in the Imphal areas, other parts of the state are full of such bakery products, he further alleged.Speaking on the current drive of the society, he added that the drive has been conducted with the main aim to spread awareness amongst the people of the state about the existence of such unhygienic practices amongst some local bakeries of the state.He further appealed to the people to properly check the labels of any items before buying them, which could be beneficial in the long run. The drive against the unlabelled and unhygienic bakery products was started since May 5, he added


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