Pallel women bodies express serious concern over drug menace


IMPHAL, May 30: The women bodies of Pallel areas under Chandel District have expressed their serious concerned over the ever increasing illegal smuggling and selling of drugs in Chandel district and Pallel areas.
A joint press statement issued by Chingtam Nupi Lup, Pallel, All Tribal Women’s Organisation (ATWO) Chandel District, Mahila Mandal Pallel mentioned that hundreds and thousands of youngsters are becoming victims of these narcotic drugs. Parents and guardians are crying to save their children from the from the drugs. The society is polluted and the future of the youngsters is on the verge of downfall and destruction due to the presence of large numbers of drug smugglers and sellers.
It is also mentioned that the organizations have been working hard to find out the ways and means to checked illegal smuggling and selling of drugs in Pallel areas and Chandel district. Action Plan has been contemplated to take strong action on whoever found guilty including eviction of places of illegal activities, expulsion from the locality, handing over of the culprit to the authority concerned for taking befitting action etc.
The joint statement further mentioned that, the organizations hailed the BSF for arresting Winson Shinglai of Yeason village, Ukhrul District and presently staying at Island village near Pallel with drugs worth lakhs of rupees. He has been suspected by the people since a long time back but could not do anything due to lack of evidence, it maintained.
It has further stated that he is one of the main smuggler of drugs not only in Chandel district but to the whole part of Manipur. He pretended to be a driver of the vehicle where drugs were recovered by the BSF. But he drives to smuggle drugs to different parts of the Manipur and even to Dimapur and Nagaland as per the findings made by the organizations, it maintained.The statement also mentioned that, Winson Shinglai should be tried in the court of law and he should imprisioned to life if not be hang to death. because it is better one man die instead of thousands of youngsters to be perished.
It is also mentioned that, moreover the organizations also hailed the recent arrest of MK Ringneihoi w/o Parpa Samson Chothe of Chothe Khunou presently residing at Pallel Bazar by the Manipur Police Commandos for smuggling and selling of drugs. This couple had been on the trial by the public of Pallel for their suspicious movements, it added.
The joint statement further appeal and seeks the cooperation of the public and law enforcing authority and to conduct frequent raids at the suspected places, including residential houses, shops etc to check and control the menace of growing illegal trade of drugs in Pallel bazaar and Chandel district to make their places and drug free zones.
The joint statement also reminded the concerned shop owners and Pharmacists to stop selling of illegal drugs items like Kores, Erax, Dendrite etc and any other harmful substance from June 6 next month in Pallel bazaar areas and the joint organizations have also decided to conduct raids in the shops and suspected places and any shopkeeper including including pharmacists, individuals are found selling, keep stocks or having possession of  any narcotic drug items, they will be given strong punishment as desired fit by the organization and there will be no further warnings or excuses the release added.


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