Police manhandles scribe while taking picture of parking altercation


IMPHAL, May 7: A police drive against vehicles parking within the Imphal market area in the wake of restriction imposed on parking of vehicles around the area, today took an ugly turn after some VDF personnel reportedly assaulted two civilians over parking issue at the Thangal Bazaar area.At the same time, a staff reporter of the IFP along with two other media colleagues who were covering the incident was taunted and threatened by another police personnel.The personnel threatened to destroy their camera phones used in taking the picture of the scene, in case the reporters failed to delete the pictures.The police personnel came on a mobile bike bearing number MN01Q-5183. The reporters were taking picture of some police personnel and a huge crowd had gathered at Thangal bazaar when some of the police personnel approached the media persons and asked for their identity. Even as the media persons revealed their identity another police personnel from the mobile bike mentioned above protested and used taunted voice regardless of the identity amidst the huge people gathered there moreover the very police personnel ordered the media persons to delete all the photos failing which he threaten to break their equipments.When protested by the staff reporter of the IFP the police personnel even tried to snatch the mobile from the IFP reporter in an attempt to delete the photos forcefully.Prior to this incident some VDF personnel reportedly thrashed two civilians over parking issue in front of B.S Garment Thangal bazaar.According to sources culled out from the spot the incident took place when the VDF personnel were conducting a drive to vacate vehicles parked within Thangal bazaar area. The VDF personnel exchanged a heated argument with the two persons before assaulting them, said a salesman of the B.S Garment.The salesmen further reported that when he protested the assault which took right in front of the corridor of their shop one of the VDF pushed one of the dummies to the ground breaking its arm. The salesman however revealed that he was not so clear under what circumstances the incident had triggered.


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